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Lu Impostu Beach

A place of rare beauty, a work of art of nature, it is one of the main attractions of Gallura. One kilometer long and very wide, the beach is made up of very fine and soft sand dunes, candid and brilliant, dotted with junipers and mimosas, thistles and sea lilies.


Restaurant Li Impostu
Where eating is a pleasure

The Lu Impostu restaurant is a splendid combination of good cuisine and generous nature.
We are located a few tens of meters from the homonymous bay.
From our terraces it is possible to
admire the splendid lagoon and the majestic Tavolara Island.


Focus on...
The Sea in Winter at Lu Impostu

The sand here is very clear and thin, the sea water is pale blue, the seabed is shallow and sandy, ideal for those on holiday with children.
Lu Impostu
guarantees you all the comforts and services and you will find ample parking, refreshment points and boat hire.


Tenute Teo D'Oro
Have a sip

A few hundred meters separate us from the enchanting sea of San Teodoro!
A position that proves to be
ideal for giving a unique connotation to the land, mainly characterized by granite decay, clay and stone:
the ideal structure for a screw.


The San Teodoro market
Quality Craft Products

The local market takes place every Friday morning.
It is possible to find
typical local products, souvenirs, home furnishings, handicraft accessories, fruit and vegetables, plants, etc.
The market takes place
throughout the year.


Hotel Onda Marina
Kindness and Courtesy

Waking up on the Beach
You will be able to admire the sunrise from the crystal-clear waters of the largest beach of San Teodoro.

Our guests are the first to arrive at the beach and the last to return to the Hotel.


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