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Porto Ferro Beach

Porto Ferro Bay is the northern limit of the Riviera del Corallo, and is one of the largest beaches on the Costa della Nurra. The inlet is bathed by clear waters with shades of emerald green and iridescent blue, framed by the Mediterranean scrub.


Villas Las Tronas
Hotel & Spa

Class end Tradition, your ideal stay
Uniqueness, Charme, Authenticity
A spectacular position, at the seaside and close to the centre of Alghero, with unequalled qualities.
A safe and exclusive haven on a private promontory.


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The Colors of the Sea in Porto Ferro

Guarding the Bay of Porto Ferro stand out three watchtowers built by the Spaniards against the Saracen threat.
The beach, never crowded, has a seabed that slopes gently from the shore.


Tenute Delogu
Live your wine experience

At Tenute Delogu, we have thought of everything necessary to ensure you can enjoy a unique experience connected to the wine.
Visit us to explore the winery and vineyards, taste good wine and relax
surrounded by nature.


Bonga Surf School
Surf lessons and Sup excursions

Our skilled guides will take you, completely safe, to discover the most hidden places and wonderful landscapes in the Coral Coastline.
It will be an
unforgettable adventure.


Passion fishermen
Surf Casting in Porto Ferro

The beach of Porto Ferro is special because it can be as generous as it is stingy.
It is a beach that also reserves surprises in the form of stingrays and sea bass, even of significant size.


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