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Porto Taverna

Porto Taverna is one of the least wild beaches in the whole area, but at the same time of great charm, thanks to its wonderful sand and turquoise green sea.
All in the presence of the spectacular
Tavolara Island.


Mare Azzurro
Boat and dinghy rental

The Bua brothers set up the Mare Azzurro company in 1986 to allow everyone to visit what is now the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo, through the rental and leasing of boats and ribs. There are various brands of watercraft and motor boats from 4.60m to 15m long, as well as pedal boats and canoes. From June to October.


Focus on...
Turquoise sea in Porto Taverna

Porto Taverna beach with a turquoise sea and with the Island of Tavolara as a backdrop.
About 1 km long with fine
white sand, shallow and sandy seabed, clear and crystalline waters with a color between emerald green and blue. A dream!


Where to Stay
Places to stay near Porto San Paolo

Are you wondering where to stay in Sardinia and enjoy the spectacle of the island of Tavolara?
The choice is wide, on the
sea, on the panoramic hills, in the countryside and in the village.
You can find three- or four-stars hotels, residences with modern, well-equipped flats, holiday homes of various sizes with communal or private pools, B&Bs, an inn and a campsite.


Tenute Ólbios
Gallura, Land of Wines

Tenute Ólbios is located in the north-east of Sardinia, in the sub-region of Gallura, an area particularly well-suited to Vermentino, which in this soil conveys its unique characteristics at its best.


Kiosk Porto Taverna
Bar & Restaurant

The Chiosco Mare Azzurro bar-restaurant awaits you on the beach of Porto Taverna for lunches and aperitifs to be consumed in sheltered bungalows, enjoying the delicious fish-based dishes or homemade pizzas while you enjoy the view of the sea and the island of Tavolara.


Focus on...
Emotion by the Sea

Porto Taverna

from Sunrise

to Sunset



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