The CASE AL SOLE website is an initiative created by CAMVILLAS s.r.l.s. which, in collaboration with real estate agents operating in Italy, has formed an organization able to offer great professionalism, with the ability to constantly procure new properties, carefully selected, to then present them on this site.

We are Real Estate Agents with years of professional experience behind us and profound connoisseurs of the territories in which we carry out our business.

CASE AL SOLE is the tool with which we not only promote the real estate properties entrusted to us for sale, but also communicate the beauty of the area that surrounds us with its excellence: unique environments for their specificity, history, culture and ancient traditions, known and sought after all over the world.

We are firmly convinced that the value of a property largely derives from the context in which it is immersed, therefore our goal is to show the qualities of a property also through the discovery of the places that surround it, in order to provide a point of view wider to the customer.

You will find a real estate agent in each territory we deal with, able to accompany you to visit the properties you are interested in or those corresponding to the characteristics and budget that you have indicated to us.

We will answer any questions you may have regarding the purchase of the property and advise you in detail regarding the legal requirements and necessary documentation. We will help you both during and after the purchase, providing you with assistance.

Before leaving to come and visit the properties, contact us to arrange an appointment!

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